JISAO data

U.S. Department of Energy gridded land precipitation anomalies, 1851-1989

This data set has been superseded by others. The data set is fine, but it is not being updated.

Most of my analyses with this data set have been with time series of area average precipitation anomalies for large regions. This sort of averaging is effective at picking out climate variability signals related to ENSO. An example of this sort of analysis is the time series equatorial Pacific island precipitation, plotted below with equatorial Pacific SST anomalies for the period 1890-1992.

Equatorial Pacific rainfall and cold tongue temperature anomalies, 1890-1992
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Both series are characterized by large swings associated wth ENSO variability, with enhanced rainfall during warm episodes. The agreement between the two series is very good throughout the record, including the three short warm ENSO episodes in 1900-07.

The data:
netCDF format (units of mm / 3-month season) (3.5 Mb)
ASCII format

Documentation of the data

Eischeid, J. K., C. B. Baker, T. R. Karl, and H. F. Diaz, 1995: The quality control of long-term climatological data using objective data analysis. J. Appl. Meteor., 34, 2787-2795.

April 1996
Todd Mitchell ( mitchell@atmos.washington.edu )
JISAO data