JISAO data

NCDC global historical climatology network (GHCN) precipitation
1900 - October 2013

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The data:
  • netCDF:
    At JISAO, this file is /home/disk/margaret/data/gridded_land_precip/ghcn/precghcn.nc .
    I was unable to obtain permission from NCDC to put this data set on the WWW.
  • ASCII: NCDC has values through last month.

    The National Climatic Data Center produces monthly global anomalies fields from version 2 of the global historical climatology network preciptation data. This data is available through last month. The anomalies are with respect to 1961-90. Jay Lawrimore of NCDC is the contact person for this data set ( Jay.Lawrimore@noaa.gov ).

    Correlation of preciptation and an ENSO index
    global domain, features 
described below.
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    ENSO warm episodes are characterized by enhanced precipitation in the equatorial Pacific, and, in general, diminished precipitation everywhere else. This calculation is for all calendar months combined, and the ENSO index is the average SST anomaly in the central and eastern equatorial Pacific.

    Percent complete records for 1998-2002
    Global domain
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    You seem to either have very complete (>80%) records or no records at all.
    Mean 1998-2002 precipitation anomalies normalized by 1960-2003 standard deviation
    Global domain
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    Drier conditions in the western U.S., India, Pakistan, and Mediterranean; and wetter conditions in northern and eastern Europe and Argentina. Eighty-percent complete records were required to calculate a mean, and values were normalized by the standard deviation of monthly values for 1960-2002. The anomalies were multiplied by -1 so that blue would be wet, and red dry.
    There isn't a published reference for this data set at this writing. Check the NCDC WWW site.

    November 2013
    Todd Mitchell ( mitchell@atmos.washington.edu )
    JISAO data