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Applications of the Sahel rainfall index

Over the years, people from meteorological and non-meteorological disciplines have used the Sahel rainfall index. Mostly, I remember people who study birds that live part of the year in Europe and part of the year in the Sahel. Good pictures of things related to the Sahel rainfall, ornithological or not, are welcome.

White Stork population in Spain

We made a census of White Stork in Spain in 2004. The result has been amazing: 33.217 pairs. Ten years ago there were 16.643 pairs. One of the main reasons for the increase of storks in Spain is rubbish dumps. In the 70's and 80's the population suffered a strong decrease owing to habitat loss and drought in the wintering area, mainly the Sahel. Now, a part of wintering population stays in Spain and the most important food is found in the rubbish dump, but the others go to the Sahel area and the drought influences very much their survival. More information


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