Freud Visualization Software FAQ

What's new?

The Freud is software is no longer supported, and its developer, Joe Sirott, is no longer at the institute. Freud works pretty well, but there is no support to fix the infrequent, but inevitable bugs.

(8/14/96) Version 3.2 released. If you are interested, you can look at the differences between v3.2 and the latest release (v3.1).

What is Freud?

Freud is software for visualizing climatological data sets. A graphical user interface facilitates easy display of an unlimited number of overlayed contour and vector plots. Plots can be superimposed on up to six different map projections.

Freud also allows you to:

A screen dump of Freud is available here.

Where can I see some samples of Freud visualizations?

Further examples are available in the JISAO PACS document.

Which machines does Freud run on?

Freud was developed on a Sun Sparcstation 10 running Sun OS 4.1.3. It has been ported to Solaris 2.x as well as to DEC alpha workstations running OSF 3.0 and Silicon Graphics workstations running IRIX 5.3. Freud supports SYSV but not BSD printing.

Where can I get a copy of the Freud manual?

Check out the online Freud manual or obtain PostScript copies of the Freud manual in 8.5"x11" (400K) or A4 (392K) sizes.

How do I install Freud on my computer?

  1. Read the legal info.
  2. Read the installation instructions.
  3. Look at the latest release notes.
  4. Pick up a copy of the software by clicking on the approriate architecture/operating system item in the following list:

How do I know when a new release of Freud is available?

Refer back to this page, or join the Freud mailing list. This list is only used to announce new releases, and so has very little traffic. If you wish to subscribe, send mail to:


with the message:


in the message header.

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Joe Sirott developed Freud.
Todd Mitchell (mitchell@atmos.washington.edu) will try to answer your questions.